I was practicing drawing heads.


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"Whenever you wish to die, step forward."Some more warm up sketches. soontoon.tumblr.com

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@jemapellejuice likes the drawings with nice hair. #sketch #sketchbook #lifeofanartist #teatime #girlhair (at Tea Station Gardena)http://instagram.com/p/sRRT08hX6A/

@jemapellejuice likes the drawings with nice hair. #sketch #sketchbook #lifeofanartist #teatime #girlhair (at Tea Station Gardena)

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Here is Saturday evening’s post of so many lovely people. It was a big family night at the tea shop.


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Hi hi! I really enjoy viewing your observational sketches, drawings, as well as your comics~ I was wondering-- Do you find through constant practice you're able to capture moments/ideas faster? I'm really trying to strengthen my observational skills, but it's really hard to focus, especially in fast paced areas (like cafes or busy streets). Thank you!

Hi nimblychirps,

It’s always so encouraging to hear that people enjoy viewing my drawings.

I definitely think that going out and drawing from life is one of the best practices you can do. The more you do it, the faster you will get. I keep a small black 8”x5” sketchbook with me almost everyday. I think the more portable your sketchbook, the more likely you will draw in it anywhere you go. And also, the more likely you will take it with you.

When you are new to it, it can be very challenging I agree. People move and change positions. Someone stands in front of the person you were drawing. So many noises, sights, and sounds! But don’t give up, just stay with it. Eventually you will get faster, you will observe much more, and your drawing will improve. And don’t forget to enjoy it- drawing and learning things about the people around you.

It’s also great to go sketching with a friend if you can!

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People at the tea shop. #teatime #nofilter #lifeofanartist #sketch #sketchbook #drawing with @_jason_wong  (at Tea Station)http://instagram.com/p/r9uR-ZhX4P/

People at the tea shop. #teatime #nofilter #lifeofanartist #sketch #sketchbook #drawing with @_jason_wong (at Tea Station)

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Views in a tea shop. Lines on a page. People who from that moment on, now live in these drawings.


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#107 - The Ziphites meet Saul to deliver David into his hand…

#107 - Les Ziphites rendez-vous avec Saul a trahir David dans son main…


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Here’s some warm up drawings from today. Drawn in Flash.


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Having fun with different mediums and drawing tools. I notice I draw differently when I’m using different pens, markers, pencils, etc. One of the greatest joys of being an artist is experimentation.


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